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compactors and cart dumpers
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Box Dumper Bin Dumper
Rolo Box Dumper EHD Bin Dumper
Maximum Dump Height 84" Maximum Dump Height 30'
Minimum Dump Height 24" Minimum Dump Height 7'
Dump Angle 135° Dump Angle 135° to 155° available
No. of Cylinders 2 No. of Cylinders 1
Maximum Capacity 8,000# Maximum Capacity 4,000#
Motor Sizes 5 HP to 10 HP Motor Sizes 5 HP to 10 HP
Pump Sizes 6 GPM to 10 GPM Pump Sizes 3 GPM to 6 GPM
Cycle Times (sec.) 26 to 137 Cycle Times (sec.) 30 to 285

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Why SP Industries Cart Dumpers are Your Best Value

Cart Dumpers are used to empty plastic trash cans, carts and tow carts, and are ideal for large volume.

Dumpers reduce back injuries, improving production, eliminating bottlenecks, can save money, and help maintain the appearance of a facility.

SP Industries can help determine your needs and present you with a cart dumper that will dump loads up to 10,000 lbs with dump heights up to 30 feet. Click on the dumpster images to see the specifications for many of our common machines. If these items don't meet all of your needs, call us and we will custom design a system for your business. Custom systems help capitalize on your current processes to reduce labor, costs, and eliminate problems moving materials throughout production and waste processing.

All of our waste handling equipment is manufactured to ANSI and OSHA guidelines and can be built for USDA applications and washed down. Options include interlocked gates, integrated controls, automatic operation, custom cart hold downs, multiple cart hold downs, and many other features. Get the dumper you need to improve your material handling and increase your return on investment by calling SP Industries today at 800-592-5959.